What is NCBrain? NCBrain builds the best database in consideration of machine specifications, tools, stock, and cutting conditions of items. Also the existing NC data is changed to optimized NC data such as controlling the machining feed-rate and adding tool-path through simulation by the database.

Experience the Efficiency of Mold Machining

  • Database for Optimal Selection of Cutting Conditions

    By simulating the NC data created by CAM, it can be machined under optimal cutting conditions.

  • Control of Feed & Spindle

    Since the machining load is different depending on the shape, the optimum feed rate is given to each machining section to minimize machining time and tool breakage.

  • Tool-path deletion of no-load and air-cut area

    It reduces machining time by deleting areas where the tool is operated in the air, such as air cut, no-load, and G0 height sections.

Product technology Safety Above All Else is important

  • Add toolpath for tool breakage due to overload

    Toolpaths are automatically added for overload sections with a large amount of cutting. This helps safe machining that prevents tool breakage and quality deterioration.

    Added 3D peaking to prevent overload in corner sections

    Since the contact area between the tool and the stock increases in the corner section, the tool vibrates during machining. At this time, stable machining is possible by adding a tool path in the form of 3d picking as if pecking a corner, and the vibration of the tool is eliminated to extend the lifespan.

  • Provision of information on tool length for safety

    If the tool is too long, vibration may result in poor quality or tool breakage, and if it is too short, it may interfere with the stock. This provides the optimum length of tool to be used for safety reasons.

    Split toolpath by tool length

    When a long tool has to be machined as a whole due to a specific deep part, by adding holder and tool information, it automatically divides into nc data suitable for short and long tools for fast and safe machining.

Convenience to Edit and Transmit

  • Manage the ATC Format

    Just by entering the T number in the work window, the ATC number is automatically entered in the format. In addition, the coordinate system is automatically inserted, and several NC data can be saved as one.

    Manage the Tool Life

    NCBrain automatically divides NC data based on the tool life for safe milling.
    Also, NCBrain can use the dividing path option to separate one file into several files with ATC form.

  • FTP-Transmission

    It is a convenient network transmission.
    You usually do several steps to use a data server, but you can skip these complex tasks, and it has a one-click transfer capability.

    Output the Worksheet

    After simulation, NCBrain outputs an image or a worksheet in Excel with the working size, weight, tool length and time recorded.
    By providing the size of the work-piece, weight information before and after machining, and tool information, you can prepare for machining in advance. In addition, the machining prediction time helps in process management because it takes into account the speed, acceleration, and machine acceleration/deceleration of rapid traverse in actual machining.

Use options to make the product better

Effect of NCBrain

  • Upgrading and standardizing business performance by DB
  • Increased utilization rate by using ATC
  • Reduced time and tool breakage with optimal machining conditions