What is the NCBrain 5X? Based on the machine's structure from simultaneous 5-axis to 3-axis, safe machining is performed by verifying collisions with the machine part, tools and holders, materials, etc. through the same simulation as actual machining. In addition, it is simulated with your company's DB and regenerated as NC data of the optimal cutting condition, which results in fast machining.

Technology of NCBrain 5X

  • Collision verification between machine and material

    Simultaneous 5-axis machining and 3+2-axis tilting may cause collisions with materials, parts, and holders. Therefore, the safety of the machine is ensured by verifying the collision with the same simulation as the actual machining before machining. During simulation, the collision area is checked in red and leaves a log.

  • Feedrate control according to overload area

    By simulating the NC data created by CAM, it can be processed under optimal cutting conditions.

    Since the machining load is different depending on the shape, the optimum feed rate is given to each machining section to minimize machining time and tool breakage.

  • Verification of Over/Less-cut and EDM

    The error in NC data or incorrect tool selection may cause over/less cut. Before machining, the CAD model and the model simulated by NCBrain 5X are compared to verify over/less-cut areas. Defects can be prevented in advance through verified dimensional data and direct visual confirmation.

Product technology Machining Technology of NCBrain 5X

  • Technological Differentiation

    - Loaded with Solid engine for concise shape expression
    - 2 times faster operation than others
    - Supports M/C simulation and simultaneous 5-axis

  • Main Functions

    -Build the machining Database
    -Control Feedrate through load analysis
    -Add toolpath automatically on overload area
    -Delete air-cut toolpath
    -Verify collision in M/C simulation
    - Over 10 functions such as over/less-cut, EDM verification
    -Using field : mold, aerospace, parts etc.

Effect of NCBrain 5X

Secure the safety of the machine by verifying the collision.

• Optimal processing conditions are used, which reduces time and increases machine utilization.

• By providing processing information, it is easy to prevent defects or damage to tools and to manage the process, and it is a system that anyone can use easily.