Die casting Mold NCBrain Press is the casting material for medium & large molds, which can efficiently process complex shapes or curved surfaces. And by inserting a button die in the punch process to process the basic hole, it is a technology that eliminates the hassle of CAD modeling and helps shape and hole processing together.


  • Create material using NC data

    In order to recognize the shape, it is possible to define the casting material using the curved surface of the NC data with the full shape.

  • Make material using Modeling

    In the case of shape modeling, accurate material definition is possible through the vertical and horizontal allowance values and Z-bottom values of the actual material.

  • Editing stock with multiple materials

    NCBrain Press can add materials with different characteristics to the stock area through the simple setting. After that, it is possible to machine by applying different cutting conditions.

Product technology PRESS Optimization

  • Control the Feed rate

    change the federate according to the cutting load.

    Control the Spindle speed

    Change the RPM according to the contact surface.

  • Delete Air-cut

    Delete Air-cut for tool diameter compensated data of structural milling.

    Remove very slight cutting paths

    Remove paths where the cutting volume is very small in Roughing or Penciling process.


  • Button Die milling

    It is possible to make small-diameter basic holes by inserting a round button die that has been heat-treated by the punch process.

  • locking pin hole

    It is possible to edit the pin and block insertion part to prevent locking.